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Expert Upholstery Cleaning
Expert Upholstery Cleaning
Expert carpet cleaning and repair.

Is It Possible That Having Your Carpets Cleaned Could Be as Risk-FREE as Watching a Family Movie on the Disney Channel®?

No matter what type of upholstery that you have, we can bring most upholstery back to a like-new condition.  You can feel at rest knowing that our knowledgeble technicians have been trained in the proper cleaning techniques of the upholstery in your home. Anytime that you invite us into your home, the lead technician on site will be trained through our rigorous program at Carpet 1st and will also have obtained proper professional certification through the IICRC.

The sofa, love seat or our favorite recliner is where we spend the most of our time at home.  Body oils, dead skin and airborne dust and dirt all accumulate over time and in order for the upholstery to last a lifetime, it needs to be removed. 

When our technician arrives at your door we'll provide you with a full upholstery inspection to identify the fabric type, soiling level and recommend the appropriate cleaning procedures to help restore your upholstery fabric back to its best possible condition.   After having us renew your upholstery it will feel soft again, smell fresh and will be ready for use within a matter of 20 to 60 minutes. 

We also offer fabric protector that will assists your upholstery to resist spots and spills, plus it will keep your upholstery looking cleaner longer.

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Our 10 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process is Guaranteed to Amaze you:

  1. Pre-Inspection & Written Price Quote:
    Before any work is performed we will identify the fiber type and weave of the fabric, recommend the appropriate cleaning techniques and offer a solid price quote for our services.
  2. Protection of Your Home and Furnishings:
    After a thorough pre-inspection of the upholstered furnishings to be cleaned, we then protect your household valuables, floors and walls using items such as shoe covers, entrance mats and corner protectors.
  3. HEPA Filtration Vacuum of All Upholstered Furnishings To Be Cleaned:
    A HEPA filtration vacuum will then be used to thoroughly lift and remove as much dry soil as possible before the moisture from our extraction process ever reaches the fabric. Our HEPA vacuum system not only adds life to your upholstery by removing damaging dry soil, but small micron particles that may go airborne with vacuums without micro filtration are trapped by HEPA technology, giving our customers a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.
  4. Scientifically Formulated Pre-Treatment:
    Depending upon the type of fabric and weave of the fabric to be cleaning, a specific scientifically formulated pre-treatment is then applied to the fabric in an attempt to remove and dislodge any spots and stains that have not already damaged the dye sites of the upholstery. Carpet 1st only uses the very best in cleaning solutions available so that we can assure that you will have the best possible results.
  5. Gentil Shampoo/Pre-Treatment Fabric Agitation:
    The pre-treatment is then gently agitated using hand tools that range from soft bristle horse hair brushes to natural sea sponges. This step assists to thoroughly dislodge and ground in soil and remove as many spots and stains as scientifically possible. Our pretreatment and agitation of the upholstered fabric is an extremely important step of an overall professional cleaning system that strives for optimum results.
  6. pH Balanced Rinsing and Extraction Process:
    Carpet 1st takes pride in cleaning to only the highest in upholstery cleaning standards. After the pre-treatment emulsifies and dislodges soils from the fabric, Carpet 1st uses a specialized rinsing agent to remove detergent residues and leave the fabric with a baby soft feel. As a benefit, our pH balanced rinsing agent will also naturally brighten, naturally soften and naturally deodorize your upholstered furnishings. Simply stated we do not cut corners and take pride in delivering our clients the latest in cleaning technologies for your home.
  7. Adding a Layer of Protection:
    In order to add a layer of protection by applying a stain-resistant barrier, Carpet 1st applies the highest quality upholstery protector available. The factory protectant that is applied before you purchase the your upholstered furnishing is not permanent and wears off through regular wear and tear and abrasion. When the original stain-resistant properties of the fabric wear off, the carpet will be easily stained by acid dyes and oil based substances resulting in permanent damage to the fabric. Due to this fact, we recommend having your upholstery fabric protected each time that you have it professionally cleaned by Carpet 1st.
  8. Post Protection of Your Household Valuables and Carpeting: After moving all furniture back to its original location, any necessary protection such as plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks will placed underneath each of the legs to protect the furniture from any moisture that may be present as well as protect your carpeting from varnish/furniture stains. Also, if there are any particular protection needs on the upholstery such as metal buttons, etc.; additional protection measures will be taken as necessary.
  9. Expediting the Dryig Process:
    In the majority of cases, your upholstered furnishings will be ready for use after 30 minutes to the conclusion of our cleaning process allowing you to get back to your everyday living as quickly as possible. Even though 99% of the upholstery that we clean is cleaned using some form of moisture, because of our specialed tools for extraction and drying, we are able to offer you phenominal dry times.
  10. Our No Fine Print - No Gimmick Guarantee:
    If after our post inspection of the cleaning that we have performed for you (and even up to 10 days later), you are not satisfied with our workmanship, we will come back out to your home and reclean any problem areas for free. If you are still not satisfied within those 10 days, we will refund your money...period. Our goal is to make you an extactic and overjoyed customer of Carpet 1st and we will strive in every way possible to meet that goal with you...our customer.


Expert upholstery cleaning.
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